Welcome to HydroFLOW USA, we provide world leading chemical-free water conditioning technology which minimizes operating and maintenance costs of plumbing systems, cooling towers, heat exchangers, water heaters, steam boilers and more...

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HydroFLOW USA distributes state-of-the-art water conditioners. Our products are manufactured by Hydropath Holdings Limited of England and are powered by the patented and eco-friendly Hydropath Technology.

Hydropath’s environmentally friendly water conditioners were originally designed, over 20 years ago, to treat limescale related problems in residential plumbing systems and appliances. After years of intense international research, Hydropath Technology has evolved into a world leading technology which also provides chemical-free solutions to a diverse range of industries.


Prevents scale accumulation and dissolves existing limescale deposits
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Eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and inhibits biological growth in water systems
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Diverse range of products for a wide spectrum of applications
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A nationwide team of professional representatives
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