Commercial Blogs

Secondary Disinfection for Swimming Pools
June 2020
Learn how HydroFLOW water conditioners are a method of secondary disinfection that can reduce bacterial contamination and chemical consumption in pools.
Canine Connection
May 2020
See how HydroFLOW helped TOPS Veterinary reduce its chemical load, reduce bacteria counts, improve water quality & shut off its copper sanitation system.
What's In Your Water and Ice
October 2020
Ice machines provide an ideal environment for bacteria. Learn how HydroFLOW maintains bacteria and scale control in your water and saves you time and money.
Legionella Control With Water Conditioning
February 2020
Learn how HydroFLOW controls legionella and algae in cooling towers, potable water systems & water heaters with a frequency that extends throughout the system.
Water softeners being banned?
November 2019
Learn how salt based water softeners are impacting the environment and what many states are doing to reduce the risks.
The Effect of Hydropath Technology on Silicates
December 2019
A brief description of the effect that HydroFLOW devices have on silicates.
Sustainable Water Use Tools & Technology
April 2016
Saving water has a positive impact on the environment and your ROI. Learn about sustainable electronic water conditioning technologies & how they can help you.
A Solution for Scale Removal
October 2018
Learn how HydroFLOW water conditioners gave The Brooksfields Restaurant shiny and clear dishes, along with making their appliances easier to clean.