Industrial Blogs

Cooling Tower Systems
May 2022
Cooling tower systems. Including information about Chillers and how HydroFLOW can help optimize your system
What is Fouling and How Does it Affect Heat Transfer Efficiency?
February 2022
Fouling is simply defined as a process by which a surface becomes less efficient due to the accumulation of deposits on it.
What is Corrosion and how can HydroFLOW help?
February 2022
Corrosion is the gradual destruction of materials (usually a metal) by chemical and/or electrochemical reaction with their environment. HydroFLOW can help!
HydroFLOW and Wastewater Treatment Plant Applications
February 2021
Wastewater Treatment Plants Suffer From Struvite and other Issues. Read how HydroFLOW Units can help.
HydroFLOW Applications - Cooling Towers, Boilers and Other Equipment Protection
February 2021
The reduction and prevention of scale build-up in many process industries and HVAC systems are not the only areas HydroFLOW has shown promising results.
Chemical-Free Bacteria Neutralization
June 2020
Learn how Rapid-B bacteria testing & HydroFLOW provided a step change in oilfield-bacteria control at a reduced cost and help maintain low bacteria levels.
More Hydropath, Less Polymer
June 2020
Learn how HydroFLOW proved to be an effective method of reducing polymer usage in wastewater dewatering systems without negatively impacting centrate quality.
HydroFLOW Solution for Membrane Fouling & Scaling
November 2017
Learn why Hydropath is a promising technology to minimize membrane fouling & scaling through evaluating results with and without HydroFLOW models s38 and hs40.
HydroFLOW Receives Prestigious Water Award
September 2017
HydroFLOW USA was honored with the prestigious Innovative Technology Award for their innovative Hydropath technology products. Read on to learn more.
Legionella Control With Frequency
May 2016
Learn how HydroFLOW water conditioners are an alternative for controlling bacteria, biofilm, and legionella in water systems without using harmful chemicals.