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HydroFLOW Southwest - New Water Innovations.



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Water heaters and water features.


Installed Units

Commercial HydroFLOW Unit.



Water is exceptionally hard. A salt softener, given its negative environmental impact, was out of the question. To deal with the scale issues associated with hard water, New Water Innovations recommended HydroFLOW, a physical water treatment product. 


Success factors

  • keeping the water heaters scale free and performing at full efficiency.
  • Water feature in the main entry area less maintenance and help with dealing with bio that can be found in open loop water features.



  • The HydroFLOW product has performed superbly well in keeping our water heaters scale free and performing at full efficiency. 
  • The water feature in our main entry area is much easier to maintain because of the performance of HydroFLOW.
  • Not only does it deal with lime-scale accumulation, it also kills any bacteria that are often found in open loop water features.


For the full report please click on the PDF.