Honda Cooling Tower



Satoshi Sakanishi, Nippon Selpo Co. Ltd., Japan.




A major car manufacturer, Japan.




Cooling Tower 300HP.


Installed Units


One unit, AquaKlear Custom Model P.


Water source


Underground wells.




Chemicals for inhibiting scale and corrosion.

Chemicals for killing legionella, Pneumophila and slime (biofilm).




Because of the high cost of chemical treatment, the customer wanted to consider other treatment methods. The aim of the test was to study treatment of the cooling tower with Aquaklear, and to determine the most economical method of treatment – Aquaklear or chemicals.


Success Factor


Equipment was evaluated for several effects. The period of the test was about three and a half months.

Elimination of Algae.

Prevention of Scale.

Removal of Existing scale.




  • Almost all the algae on the fins were killed and removed by AK’s performance so that it can be seen all the fin surfaces on the cooling tower are very clean.


  • There was not any scale or slime in heat exchanger after the installation of AquaKlear. The customer would normally expect to see both scale and biofilm build-up upon inspection, and the fact that neither could be seen was due to AquaKlear. 


  • The old scale on the cooling tower fins was removed. Some scale looking like a powder was precipitated in the bottom of basin of the cooling tower.


  • The customer concluded following this test that AquaKlear is a better treatment method than chemicals, considering also that there is no chemical pollution. 


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