Case Study

Product Evaluation - Ice Maker in a Hospital



Critical Environmental Solutions.




Hospital in Central Kentucky.




Ice Maker.


Installed Unit


HydroFLOW HS38.




The hospital wanted to improve the performance of the ice maker at the intensive care unit (ICU), that regularly suffers from scale and biofilm.




  • The HydroFLOW device gradually removed existing scale and biofilm from inside of the ice maker and kept it clean.


  • The HydroFLOW device greatly reduced the risk of contaminated ice reaching the hospital’s staff and patients.


  • The HydroFLOW device minimized the risk of a disease outbreak, such as Legionella.


  • The projected return on investment (ROI), due to lessened maintenance, is under a year.


  • Hospital management plans to install HydroFLOW devices on equipment throughout the building.      


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