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Can I turn my water softener off?
How long will it take HydroFLOW before the scale stops accumulating?
I cant get my water to lather up because of the hardness. Will I get sudsy soap if I use a HydroFLOW device?
How does HydroFLOW make my water healthier?
Ive started to notice a thin film on my dishware that wipes off. This started after installing HydroFLOW. Why is this happening?
How can I tell that the HydroFLOW is protecting my water heater and pipes and fixtures?
Can HydroFLOW replace my water softener?
I'm noticing a powdery residue in my showerheads and sink basins. Is that normal?
What can I look for to tell if the HydroFLOW units are working?
Is my unit working? I can still see hard scale deposits on my fixtures.
I have a swimming pool and I was looking to use something to help with reducing chlorine usage but keep my water safe? I have a water softener in my home but don't want to use it to fill the pool.
Can I skip doing my annual maintenance of my hot water heater if I use HydroFLOW?
Will HydroFLOW help make my water clearer?
I'm noticing scale residue on the dishes in my dishwasher, is the device not working properly?
What should I do if the scale has not stopped accumulating?
I hate using a water softener because it makes my water feel slimy. Does HydroFLOW make the water slimy also?
Should you flush the hot water heater first before installing?
Can HydroFLOW help reduce chlorine in my pool?
Is it very expensive to maintain and run your units?
Does HydroFLOW soften my water?
Does HydroFLOW remove impurities from my water?
I have water that has high levels of Iron in it. Can you help?
Are your devices waterproof?
My water smells bad. Can HydroFLOW do anything about the rotten egg smell?
What do you mean by eco-friendly?
When I lived in the UK I had a HydroFLOW unit installed at our home and it worked like a dream. Now I need one of your units for a 4200 sq. foot home in Houston. What HydroFLOW unit do you recommend?
I'm having a problem with red algae in my swimming pool. Any idea if you can help with this?
Whats the basic difference between a water heater, Tankless water heater, and a hot water boiler?
I have a water hardness of 41 grains per gallon? Can your system eliminate the need for a softener?
I'm looking to purchase an s38. My house is about 3000 square feet with 4 bathrooms. We are on city water/hard water. A water heater in the basement. I'm not sure about the OD of the pipe. Do you think I need one or two s38s?
Is there a maximum level of hardness that your devices can treat?
Does Hydropath Technology also descale, as well as prevent scale?
Are all HydroFLOW water conditioners fully covered by warranty?
Does the Hydropath signal have an effect on sensitive electrical equipment?
Where does the dissolved scale go?
Does Hydropath Technology work on plastic and metal pipes alike?
How does HydroFLOW keep my pool water clear?
Is limescale bad for one’s health?
Does flow rate matter? Can it treat standing water?
Do the HydroFLOW units require any special treatment or maintenance?
Will I need to have any special electrical outlets to plug your device into?
My tankless water heaters elements are being completely in-cased in scale every 3 months. Will hydroFLOW stop this from happeing?
I don’t like the way that the water feels with my water softener. Will changing to HydroFLOW change the way that my water feels?
Does HydroFLOW really keep my ice machine clean of bio?
How long does the HydroFLOW treated water remain treated after its out of the singnal? Does it transform back to hard scale?
What is the difference between temporary hardness and permanent hardness in water?
Do you know anything about reverse Osmosis? Is it a good option for solving hard water problems?
I heard your HydroFLOW device will make my ice machine produce clear ice cubes?
My water tastes terrible. Does your product help with the way my water tastes?
What is the hardness limit your product works on? I have 600 ppm of hardness at my home in Odessa, Texas.
Whats the difference between a water heater, Tankless water heater, and a hot water boiler?
What does cooling tower bleed/blowdown mean and why is it important?
What is meant by COC in cooling tower?
What is drift loss as it pertains to a cooling tower?
What is a cooling tower?
What is difference between chiller and cooling tower?
Do tower fans actually cool the air?
How long will I have to wait to see results from my HydroFLOW s38?
My wine glasses have started to show spots after washing in the dishwasher. Is this normal?
What comes out of a cooling tower?
What is the function of cooling tower?
Does a chiller need a cooling tower?
Is cooling tower a heat exchanger?
What is chilled water used for?
What is wet bulb temperature in cooling tower?
I have recently transitioned from a salt water softener to the HydroFLOW conditioner. Why does my water feel differently?
How can we increase the efficiency of a cooling tower?
What is cooling tower cell?
What is blowdown cooling tower?
Is a cooling tower a condenser?
Do cooling towers pollute?
Do I still need my water softener after installing HydroFLOW?
Why are cooling towers so tall?
What is drift loss?
What is the temperature of cooling tower water?
Can you help with Legionella problems in a Cooling Tower?
What is a boiler?
What is the purpose of the boiler?
Are boilers dangerous?
What are the main parts of boiler?
What is boiler efficiency?
how hot does a boiler make water?
Whats the difference between a steam boiler and a hot water boiler?
How long does it take for a boiler to heat water?
Are boilers used to heat my building?
Do boilers really boil water?
Whats the largest known boiler?
Are boilers pressurized?
Do boilers require chemical water treatment?
How long does a boiler last?
I own a commercial kitchen and we've been having problems with scale build up. We don’t want to use a water softener because the sodium in the water alters our baked products. Will HydroFLOW help my situation out?
I own a restaurant with well water. I have a lot of problem with lime and rust. My ice machines above my soda stations get limed up and have caused a lot of issues. What would you recommend we do?
We own a small apple farm and our irrigation water is very hard about 400 PPM of hardness. While the apples are still on the tree the water evaporates it leaves hard scale on the apple. Can you help with this problem?
I own a small farm in Oregon and we use holding ponds for irigation. The problem is that these holding ponds end up full of algae and often clog the irrigation system. Can HydroFLOW help with this problem?
I heard a rumor that your product can increase product yields?
What's the timeframe for HydroFLOW to remove scale from my plumbing system?
Is my unit working? I can still see hard scale deposits on my fixtures.
Will my pool look less cloudy with HydroFLOW?
What kind of maintenance should I do for my hot water heater after installing HydroFLOW?
Can I stop using chlorine altogether if I use the HydroFLOW unit?
How do I know that my s38 is working?
After installing HydroFLOW will I stop seeing scale right away?