Marriott Cooling Tower



Nano Tek-On, LLC. (HydroFLOW distributor in Hawaii).




Marriott Koolina Beach Club, Oahu, Hawaii, USA. 




500 Ton Cooling Tower.


Installed unit


HydroFLOW Custom 14” water conditioner on a cast iron pipe feeding the chillers. 


Success factors


  • Reduce chemical usage by up to 75% while keeping the cooling tower readings within acceptable parameters. 


  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs.


  • Reduce blow down water usage by up to 50%.




  • Lime scale accumulation stopped as soon as HydroFLOW was installed.


  • Anti-scalant and Anti-corrosive chemicals were completely discontinued after 1.5 months.


  • Existing scale and biofilm deposits were gradually removed.


  • After reducing the biocide chemical by 75%, the total bacteria counts continued to be minimal.


  • Blow down was reduced by 50%. Note: Blow down can be reduced further with 10% side stream filtration.


  • Efficiency of chillers was maintained (no scale and biofilm accumulation in chiller tubes).


  • One-year Return on Investment (ROI). One Year Cost Savings Analysis.


For the full case study please click on the PDF.