HydroFLOW USA Receives Innovative Technology Award
October 10, 2017
On October 3, 2017 HydroFLOW USA was presented with the WEF Innovative Technology Award during WEFTEC® 2017, the world’s largest annual water quality conference and exhibition, in Chicago.
Third-Party Technology Verification of the Hydropath Technology at the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility, Denver, Colorado
September 28, 2017
CH2M third-party technology verification to validate the effectiveness of the HydroFLOW I Range product. Following the extremely successful test, the client purchased four HydroFLOW units for the centrate and digested sludge lines.
Pipeline Perspective - WE&T Magazine Article
August 3, 2016
"HydroFLOW contributed to less polymer use and drier cake at the Somersworth, NH, wastewater treatment plant."
Water & Wastes Digest - More Hydropath, Less Polymer - By Douglas Lee Miller, P.E., BCEE
August 1, 2016
"Somersworth, N.H., wastewater treatment plant reduces polymer use by more than 25%."
Article - HydroFLOW Chemical-Free Bacteria Neutralization - Oil and Gas Sector
August 15, 2015
Article - HydroFLOW Chemical-Free Bacteria Neutralization - Oil and Gas Sector
Hydropath Marine: Scaling-Be-Gone
August 15, 2015
Green technology provides chemical-free solution to combat lime scale, bacteria, algae and biofouling in ships’ various water systems
Kitchen Innovations Award Letter
March 2, 2015
HydroFLOW USA wins the 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association.
Canine Connection
January 1, 2013
Veterinary facility rehabs canine therapy pools with new treatment system.
Scale Reduction Savings
July 1, 2012
Conditioning system helps apartment complex increase energy efficiency.
A Solution for Scale Removal
December 1, 2011
Water conditioners resolve restaurant's spotty dishes
Shopping Center Beats Limescale
April 1, 2009
Extremely hard water caused havoc with the air conditioning at a shopping center in Hungary.