Agriculture CASE STUDIES

Phase 1 - AquaVet Clinical Evaluation Gyrodactylus spp

Evaluation Prepared By


Dr. Ra'anan Ariav - AquaVet Technologies Ltd.


Installed Unit


HydroFLOW hs40.




This clinical evaluation has monitored the effect of the HydroFLOW water disinfection system on Gyrodactylus spp.

As such, we evaluated the following parameters:

  • Gram () Bacterial pathogens of fish.
  • Total Bacterial counts in water.

  • Morbidity rate.
  • Mortality rate.  




  • Four (4) Lg. Tanks (10 cubic Meters each) were re-circulated for a period of 90 Days in the Aquavet Wet-Lab facility.


  • Tank 2 and 3 (DISEASE RESEVOIRS) - were stocked with 300 Hybrid Tilapia (each) characterized by heavy of Bacterial, Fungal and Parasitic Infection.


  • Tank 1 (positive control) and tank 4 (negative control) - were stock with 300 Hybrid Tilapia (each), free of infectious disease. These tank were also treated with 2 consecutive treatments of Formalin (FormaldagG) and Naied 150 (Bromex®) at the recommended doses in order to eliminate any presence of Parasitic pathogens prior to the beginning of recirculation and were treated with medicated feed. 


  • The HydroFLOW unit was installed on tank 4 water feed, which was the comrtol tank. Tank 4 was also feeding water to tank 3 (disease reservoir)




  • Overall survival rate in tank 4 (HydroFLOW treated in coming water) was considerably higher (74%) when compared to survival rate in tanks 1, 2 and 3 (60%,48% and 42%).


  • Tilapia population in tank 4 (HydroFLOW Treated incoming water) exhibited increased survival rate and improved health as expressed by lower level of bacterial, parasitic and mycotic infection.


  • During the majority of the observation period, we recognized a clear effect on prevention of disease transmission parasitic, mycotic, bacterial pathogens of fish).



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