Agriculture CASE STUDIES

Turf Health Improvement with HydroFLOW



HydroTech Solutions.




The Jersey Meadow golf course in Jersey Village, Texas. 




Improveing the turf health on the practice Green.


Installed Unit


HydroFLOW hs40.


Water source


Well water.




In early spring 2016 the health of the turf throughout the course declined and brown patches developed on fairways and especially putting greens. Increased watering did not improve the conditions, and samples were submitted to a laboratory.

The diagnosis was Pythium Blight, which is a fairly common fungus that prevents water from being absorbed by the roots.




  • The Practice Green was the only turf without Pythium Blight.


  • The color of the turf was green in color, compared to other areas.


  • Reduced irrigation as roots absorbed more available water.


  • Fertilizer/chemical reduction of 30%. 


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