Case Study

Turf Health Improvement with HydroFLOW




HydroTech Solutions.




Municipal Golf Course in Texas. 




Improving the turf health on the practice Green.


Installed Unit


HydroFLOW i60.




Poorly maintained greens at the course were suffering from TARR (take-all root rot) causing visibly damaged, browned turf with root depths measuring only 1.5 inches. HydroFLOW was installed on an isolated practice green to evaluate the effectiveness of reducing TARR. 





  • The isolated practice green was lush and green in color.


  • It was the only green on the course that no longer suffered from root rot.


  • Core samples showed the roots had an average depth of over 5 inches (up from 1.5 inches). 


  • Lab testing showed the practice green retained 50% more nutrients compared to other greens.



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