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July 2019
What is Hard Water?

What Is Hard Water?

Water is such an essential part of our lives, yet we often take it — and its purity — for granted. You turn on the tap, fill up your glass and quench your thirst. It seems simple. But for many home and business owners, hard water is a problem that, when left unaddressed, can hurt plumbing and appliances — as well as personal health.

So what exactly is hard water, and what are its effects?

You’ve probably heard the term acid rain before. This refers to the ability of rainwater to absorb pollutants — like nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide — from the atmosphere. As a result, the rainwater turns acidic. The Making of Hard Water


Similarly, carbon dioxide, which occurs regularly in our atmosphere, can also be absorbed by water. The resulting carbonic acid acts as a solvent when it comes into contact with certain rocks and mineral, breaking down and absorbing some of those minerals. When the water absorbs high enough levels of magnesium and calcium, it becomes what we call hard water.


Interestingly, while we need minerals to survive — like having enough calcium to build strong, healthy bones. Plus, of course, they wreak havoc on plumbing and appliances. Unfortunately, hard water is a fact of life in much of the U.S., especially in the middle and northeast of the country, although it’s found in other locations, as well.


Hard water problems


Effects of Hard Water

Some of the more common effects of hard water include a cloudy residue on your dishes, glasses and silverware. With the use of HydroFLOW and a rinse agent, such as Jet Dry, your glasses and flatware will come out sparkling clean.


Moreover, hard water leads to a buildup of scaling and residue in plumbing and appliances. Left unaddressed, this will eventually lead to murky water coming out of your taps. In some instances, higher levels of bacteria and scaling result in water having a foul odor. In the long run, the buildup of residue will have a negative impact on plumbing and can even lead to shorter lifespans of appliances and water heaters.

How to Fix Hard Water —HydroFLOW USA Electronic Water Descaler

Fortunately for home and business owners, there is now an effective, non-intrusive hard water conditioner from HydroFLOW USA. Thanks to Hydropath Technology, our electronic water conditioner is far superior to other physical water conditioning techniques that often add chemicals or salts to your water supply and then only work for a limited time through a single point in your plumbing.


With HydroFLOW USA, you get a proven, chemical-free water conditioner that employs a harmless electric wave of 150kHz throughout your entire plumbing system. Not only does it prevent scaling in pipes and heating elements, but it’s also maintenance-free. It results in better water filtration — plus, it extends the life of your plumbing and appliances. Finally, it’s better for you and your family’s health.


Ready to make hard water a non-issue? Contact us today for answers to all your water conditioning questions.