Industrial Case Studies

CITY of Orlando wastewater treatment plant

Allied Group – HydroFLOW distributor in Florida.

City of Orlando Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Struvite accumulation in belt press.

Installed Unit
HydroFLOW i12” custom water conditioner.

The belt presses at the City of Orlando Wastewater Treatment Plant suffer from severe Struvite scale accumulation which greatly impedes the equipment’s productivity and effectiveness. The plant’s management team decided to evaluate HydroFLOW’s ability to relieve the above-mentioned problem on one of the belt presses.

Success factor
Main – prevent new Struvite scale accumulation and gradually remove existing Struvite deposits.

Secondary – reduce polymer usage due to better belt press operating efficiency with Struvite scale removed and enhanced floc formation requiring lower polymer usage.


  • The HydroFLOW device prevented Struvite scale accumulation and gradually removed existing Struvite scale deposits. 
  • Polymer is automatically dosed using a custom-made system. HydroFLOW’s ability to enhance the flocculation of suspended solids allowed a significant reduction in polymer usage. Average polymer usage per day reduced by approximately 20%.

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