Residential Water Conditioner

Residential homes in hard water areas suffer from scale accumulation on shower heads, pipes and appliances. Furthermore, homes with pools and/or spas are required to use costly and unhealthy chemicals to keep them running adequately. These problems are not only a nuisance, they cost home owners money and can reduce the value of their property.


HydroFLOW water conditioners are the solution because they…


  • Are easy to install
  • Are maintenance-free
  • Provide full home protection
  • Extend the life of appliances
  • Do not take up valuable space
  • Help reduce energy consumption
  • Cost roughly $5 a year to operate
  • They pay for themselves in less than a year
  • Are less expensive than water treatment solutions in their class
  • Are eco-friendly - They don't introduce chemicals into your drinking water and the environment


Additional Information

Case Studies

Plumbing Contractor
"With Hydropath Technology there is no longer a need for traditional water softeners."
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Plumbing Contractor
Residential Tower
"Not only had the HydroFLOW units prevented any scale from accumulating, but had actually reversed the scale that had built up prior to the installation"
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Residential Tower
Residential Complex
"The units (water heaters) have now been installed and operational for the last 8 months, and upon inspection, are limescale free."
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Residential Complex
HydroFLOW HS38
HydroFLOW S38


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