Marine Water Conditioner

The Hydropath Marine (HM) range is specifically designed for operation on marine vessels. It provides water treatment benefits, including scale protection and biofouling control, in both fresh and sea water. Designed for ease of installation, the device is simply assembled around the pipe and connected to an 87-240V AC 47-63 Hz power source. Standard sized units fit pipes ranging from 25mm (1”) to 200mm (7 ⅞”) maximum outer diameter. For larger pipe sizes, devices can be customized to fit specific requirements. This durable water conditioner is fully encapsulated and waterproof, with an IP rating of 68 and incorporates a specially-designed surge protector.

Key Benefits:​

  • Prevents the buildup of mineral deposits in the vessels water systems.
  • Causes biofilm to detach and flush out of the system.
  • Decreases the risk of waterborne pathogenic contamination.

Additional Information

Customizable Industrial-grade Protective Enclosure


Case Studies

MV Hoegh America - Freshwater Generator
MV Hoegh America – Freshwater Generator
“It clearly demonstrated that this method of water treatment greatly reduces maintenance costs, equipment damage and chemical usage.”
MV Hermes Leader - Replacement of UV System
MV Hermes Leader – Replacement of UV System
“Water test results showed no trace of any bacteria.”
Ray Shipping Equips Fleet With Hydropath
Ray Shipping Equips Fleet With Hydropath
Learn how HydroFLOW Marine devices completely reduced vessel scale buildup, reduced bacteria corrosion and saved labor work and money for Ray Shipping Company.

Hydropath Marine Introdction

Hydropath Marine Installation



Hydropath Marine: Scaling-Be-Gone
April 2020
Learn how ship owners can combat scale, bacteria, algae and biofouling inside their vessels’ various water systems with Hydropath Marine onboard water treatment.
M/V Hermes Leader Follow-Up Report
July 2020
An investigation into Hydropath Marine technology’s abilities to fully replace an existing UV sterilizer and its ability to treat fresh water against bacteria.
Ray Shipping Equips its Entire Fleet with Hydropath Marine Units
July 2020
“Hydropath Marine installation is one of the best investments recently made.”