Agriculture CASE STUDIES

Food Processing Cooling Tower


HydroFLOW West. 



G & G Orchards, Washington.



BAC Condenser and EVAPCO Condenser which feeding into a common sump tank. 


Installed units

HydroFLOW p100 and HydroFLOW p120.


Success factor

Reduce limescale accumulation, biological growth and corrosion while eliminating the need for descalant, biocide and anti-corrosive chemicals.



  • Blow-down was reduced to less than once a month. 
  • Pipes, tubes, fins and sump tank remain clear of limescale, bio-growth and corrosion. 
  • Cost savings associated with reduction in chemicals, reduction in water usage, reduction in maintenance and lessened wear-and-tear led to an ROI of roughly a year.  


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