Water Descaler & Limescale Filter

The Hydropath technology powers the HydroFLOW device that is a highly effective, non-intrusive electronic descaler that’s installed on the water main that enters your home or business. It treats fluids by inducing a robust yet harmless signal of 150kHz throughout pipes and plumbing systems made of any material, including metal and PVC.


These electric waves cause mineral ions to form suspended clusters that turn into stable crystals when temperature or pressure changes occur. The suspended crystals will prevent scale from building up in pipes and on heating elements, thus increasing heat transfer efficiency, lowering maintenance costs and reducing chemical usage. Standard applications include plumbing systems, heat exchangers, water heaters, boilers, cooling towers, belt filter presses, wells and pumps in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.

How Hydropath Technology Is Used as an Electronic Water Descaler

Unlike other products that treat liquids at a single point in a system and whose impact starts to diminish immediately after that point, HydroFLOW provides continuous conditioning — ensuring a consistent, ongoing effect. Also, due to its unique, non-intrusive design, HydroFLOW doesn’t add any chemicals to your water supply while inhibiting pipe corrosion and killing off bacteria and algae. Moreover, while it protects your plumbing and appliances, so it's easy to install, requires no maintenance or real estate footprint, and its low energy cost equals less than $50 a year.


The benefits of HydroFLOW are clear. You can now provide a secondary method to help control Legionella, as well as the accumulation of limescale and struvite, all with a proven, chemical-free solution.

How to Prevent Scale with Hydropath Technology

Wondering how Hydropath Technology prevents scale? Consider this:

Without HydroFLOW

Minerals such as calcium carbonate — the mineral primarily responsible for limescale formation - are dissolved in the solution as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).


When temperature or pressure changes occur, minerals precipitate out of the solution and accumulate as hard scale in pipes and holding tanks, as well as on heating elements.



With HydroFLOW

When the Hydropath signal is present, the dissolved minerals combine to form loosely held clusters.


When the clusters precipitate out of the solution due to temperature or pressure changes, they form stable calcite crystals that do not accumulate as hard scale on the inner surface of pipes or holding tanks, nor on heating elements. This results in the highly effective prevention of limescale buildup and eliminates the need for a limescale filter.



How to Remove Scale With Hydropath Technology

Hydropath Technology is based on the unique capability to condition a liquid solution throughout an entire system continuously. It works by using the pipes and water to conduct the 150kHz electronic signal - the Hydropath signal - throughout the system.

Then, as explained above, when the Hydropath signal is present, dissolved minerals that would form scale under temperature or pressure changes combine to form loosely held clusters.




However, with Hydropath Technology, when the clusters precipitate out of solution, they form stable calcite crystals that do not accumulate as hard scale.



Since hard scale no longer accumulates, liquid flowing in the pipe contributes to the removal of existing scale deposits. This is assisted when carbon dioxide is released into the water on formation of the seed crystals.

As a result, the deposits are broken down - and since HydroPath Technology ensures the constant conditioning of the liquid in the system, they don't return.



It’s important to understand that scale buildup in pipe systems, heating and cooling elements, and appliances come at a significant cost. First of all, it compromises energy-efficiency. In fact, in water heating and cooling systems, a quarter of an inch of scale buildup results in a 38 percent loss of efficiency — and that means your energy bills increase substantially.


Also, limescale buildup in pipe systems can damage the pipes and cause leaks. The resulting costs of repairing or replacing the pipe system can be substantial. Moreover, depending on where the leak or leaks were located, there can be severe water damage to the building — including mold growth — that you must remediate.


Limescale buildup can also shorten the life of appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, coffeemakers and more. Scale buildup on heating elements, as well as on other parts of the appliances, can damage components, leading to costly repairs and shorter functional life.



HydroFLOW Protects Your Property

Even though most of us aren’t usually aware of a problem like scale buildup, it’s an issue that comes at a considerable cost. HydroFLOW is specifically designed to protect you against these costs by not only preventing scale buildup but also removing any existing scale.


HydroFLOW can be used to protect a range of residential applications, such as water heaters and appliances, as well as pools and spas. When it comes to commercial and industrial applications, it can be used for cooling towers, chillers, filtration systems, water features, steam boilers, belt filter presses, heat exchangers and more.


Want more information about HydroFLOW and non-intrusive electronic descaling? Contact us today for answers to all your water treatment questions.